I’m Syahrial Agni Prasetya, A Linux enthusiast with a deep passion for DevOps culture, Cloud, and Automation.

I have a good background in Linux and other UNIX/UNIX-like operating systems and have worked with Docker, Kubernetes, and some cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and some OpenStack providers.

Developing and maintaining app infrastructures are part of my daily routines. In my free time, I love to tinker my home lab to try out new tools to improve infrastructures managed by myself.

Here you can find stuffs that I learned that made my life easier. Feel free to contact me about these stuffs.





All my emails are digitally signed with PGP key: 24260130A908EB5A . Do not trust emails from me that lack a valid digital signature.

Importing my public key
curl -sL https://lemniskett.dev/pgp.txt | gpg --import